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Central Park
New York City, NY




Velo Classic p/b Stan's NoTubes is a USAC Domestic Elite women's road cycling team with a powerful group of 11 women ready to race on the national stage for the 2017 road racing season.

We began as a New York City-based group of young, working professional women who love to ride and race bikes. Over 6 years we have grown to include strong and driven women from throughout the East Coast and Eastern Midwest while our roots still hold strong in NYC. We are positive female role models who place a high priority on teamwork, learning through physical challenges, building confidence, expanding horizons, goal setting and overall achievement. We have evolved since 2011 from a group of both new and seasoned riders to a unified team of women with a reputation for winning races and sweeping podiums. Year after year our strength has grown on the National stage and 2017 will mark a big progression in that arena. The streets and parks of New York are our training grounds and our love of cycling has taken us to races across the country, and Canada too!

Our non-cycling friends call us crazy and our co-workers wonder why we show up to the office slightly sweaty. A 5AM wake-up call to train before the hustle and bustle of the city begins is a part of our routine. While juggling our careers, education, family, and friends we all connect on one thing - our passion for cycling and a shared drive to succeed as a team. In 2016, we had our third season as a U.S. Domestic Elite Team and continued to face the challenges expected at this level. Here are some stats about last season:

  • Raced in 18 STATES
  • Accumulated over 13 WINS
  • Stood on 36 PODIUMS
  • Competed in over 80 EVENTS
  • Attended UCI races: Winston-Salem Cycling Classic, Grand Prix Cycliste Gatineau
  • Attended Pro Road Tour/Crit Series events: USAC Professional Road Championships, USAcrits Speedweek,Tour of America’s Dairylands, Winston Salem, Intelligentsia Cup, Chris Thater, Wilmington Grand Prix.
  • Won at the Intelligentsia Cup (Prairie State Cycling Series) Willow Springs race, and 4th placed rider overall in the 10 day series.
  • A podium and 5th team overall at USAcrits Speedweek.
  • Multiple top 10 placings at the 10 day Tour of America's Dairyland including two 5th places
  • Won at Sea Otter Classic Criterium and Circuit
  • Silver in the U23 Women's National Championship Road Race and Time Trial
  • Silver in the Ohio State Championship Road Race and Criterium
  • Continued domination at NYC area local events:
    Won Army Spring Classic
    Won Giro del Cielo Criterium and Time Trial
    Won Bear Mountain Road Race 2 consecutive years
    Won Orchard Beach Criterium
    Won NY Cat3 State Crit Championships
    Wo n CRCA Time Trial and Road Championships



We have worked hard through the last three race seasons to bring our team to a higher level, giving riders an opportunity to continue learning and fostering growth within our program. We’ve pushed ourselves to our limits and beyond, achieving incredible results as a team. We were honored to be selected and participate in many national and internationall events last year. In 2017 we look forward to affirming our presence at these challenging races and growing our strength at this level while still being a force to be reconed with in the NYC area.


Velo Classic p/b Stan’s NoTubes is again a USAC Domestic Elite Team in 2017.